Judge Laura Johnson
The Honorable Laura Johnson
 Circuit Court Criminal Division "U"

Judicial Assistant:
Erin Borden

(561) 355-7702

Courtroom Number: 

Main Judicial Complex
205 N Dixie Highway
West Palm Beach, FL 33401



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Division "RJ" is temporarily being covered by the below County Civil Judges located at the Main Courthouse. Effective immediately, please send All Motions, Memoranda of Law, and Proposed Orders to Division RJ via MAIL with appropriate postage if necessary. If you have a trial or hearing scheduled, it will be covered by a County Civil Judge.  Uniform Motion Calendar Hearings can be set before Judge Castor on Monday or Friday at 8:45 or Judge Booras on Tuesdays at 11:00.  If you have questions about your "RJ" case, please call the Clerk of the Court. If you need to cancel a hearing or trial, send a cancellation request to CAD-DivisionRJ@pbcgov.org.

Effective October 20th, should you need further assistance, please contact the below office for Division "RJ" matters.  Judicial coverage will be as follows for the week of:

October 17th Judge Panse, JA Camille Doran – (561) 355-2768

October 24th Judge Booras, JA Eyder Orozco – (561) 355-7884

October 31st Judge Perez - JA Valencia Spells Anderson – (561) 355-7829

November 7th Judge Castor - JA Marilyn Greathouse – (561) 355-1985

November 14th Judge Panse - JA Camille Doran – (561) 355-2768

November 21st Judge Booras- JA Eyder Orozco – (561) 355-7884

November 28th Judge Castor- JA Marilyn Greathouse – (561) 355-1985 

December 5th Judge Booras - JA Eyder Orozco – (561) 355-7884

December 12th Judge Perez - JA Valencia Spells Anderson – (561) 355-7829

December 19th Judge Panse - JA Camille Doran – (561) 355-2768

December 26th – December 30th is suspended** – Do not set any matters during this week.

January 2nd Judge Castor - JA Marilyn Greathouse – (561) 355-1985


Please check back for any further updates.